Privatizing air traffic controllers will fundamentally destablize air travel in the United States.

Washington, DC  – Today, Americans Against Air Traffic Privatization spokesperson Julia Alschuler released the following statement:

“This is what a bad week in Washington looks like. Chairman Shuster has rammed through misguided policy in a literally smoke filled room despite valid concerns from fellow legislators, aviation workers, groups and thousands of concerned passengers. Instead of smoke and mirrors, Americans deserve a real debate over a proposal that hands over control our air traffic control to the airline industry.

Today we watched as over and over again Chairman Shuster refused to accept amendments to the AIRR Act that would give consumers and workers a fair seat at the table, implement protections against indiscriminate user fees on passengers and curb the power of the airlines over a private air traffic control board.

This week has only made clear that the proposal to privatize the ATC raises more questions than answers. We applaud Chairman DeFazio for standing up for passengers and offering a real solution to restore long-term stable funding to our air traffic control system. Congressional leaders should listen to colleagues on both sides of the aisle and ground the proposal to disrupt the safest and largest ATC system in the world.