Privatizing air traffic controllers will fundamentally destablize air travel in the United States.

Washington, DC – Today, Americans Against Air Traffic Privatization member Andrea Miller, President of People Demand Action, released the following statement:

“Today, the Senate put the American people ahead of special interests by leaving the proposal to privatize the Air Traffic Control (ATC) out of the FAA reauthorization bill. We applaud Chairman Thune, Ranking Member Nelson, and the members of the Senate Commerce Committee for listening to their constituents who were concerned about the prospect of rising passenger fees and lack of accountability that privatization would bring.”

“While this is a positive development, the fight is far from over and our work does not stop here. Congressman Shuster seems more determined than ever to push through a bad proposal that would stand to make travelers vulnerable to an ATC system predominately controlled by the airline industry.”

“Instead of listening to lobbyists and special interests, it’s time for Chairman Shuster to listen to the concerns of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle and the thousands of Americans who say privatization is a the wrong solution for our Air Traffic Control system.”