Privatizing air traffic controllers will fundamentally destablize air travel in the United States.

Americans Against Air Traffic Privatization and partners call on Congress, the next Administration and Secretary of Transportation Designate Elaine Chao to oppose privatizing Air Traffic Control

Washington D.C. – Today, as the Senate Commerce Committee considers the nomination of Elaine Chao for Secretary of Transportation, Americans Against Air Traffic Privatization (AAATP) partners Daily Kos,, In the Public Interest and People Demanding Action kicked off their efforts to send a loud and clear message to Congress to protect the American people instead of handing over vital infrastructure to corporate interests. In the petition sponsored by Daily Kos, the coalition outlined a potential windfall that could come from handing our nation’s Air Traffic Control system to a private corporation, including leaving hardworking Americans, travelers, rural communities and airspace vulnerable to special interests. By urging people to reach out to their Member of Congress, the petition will give thousands of Americans a voice in Washington, sending a strong message to Congress and the next Administration to protect the public interest.

Daily Kos Campaign Director Mara Schechter said, “If we give up control of this vital public good (our Air Traffic Control system), we leave working people and travelers vulnerable to the whims of a private corporation controlled by corporate airlines. We must put the public interest, including public safety, ahead of corporate profits.”

Executive Director of People Demanding Action Andrea Miller said, “Privatizing Air Traffic Control is probably the best example of waste, fraud and abuse you could ever imagine. Rep. Shuster is creating a fake problem and then turning over public funds to a private corporation to create a real problem.”

Donald Cohen, Executive Director of In the Public Interest said, “Like all public goods and services, our nation’s skies should be under democratic control, not in the hands of corporations. Donald Trump campaigned on helping working Americans, yet privatizing Air Traffic Control helps the airline industry.”

David Swanson, Campaign Coordinator for said, “Letting President Ronald Reagan kick off his presidency by busting the union of air traffic controllers had disastrous secondary effects for decades to follow. Letting President Donald Trump launch his presidency by privatizing Air Traffic Control has the potential to make Reagan’s move a footnote in an account of self-imposed disaster.”

Julia Alschuler, Spokesperson for AAATP said: “A Republican-led Congress has rejected ATC privatization time and time again on the grounds of safety, feasibility, and overall concern for the American people. Privatizing Air Traffic Control is a solution in search of a problem at a time when we need to strengthen middle class workers and rural communities instead of leaving hardworking Americans vulnerable to corporate interests. We hope that Congress and the next Administration will hear the concerns of the American people and finally ground this failed proposal once and for all. ”

About Americans Against Air Traffic Privatization (AAATP)
Americans Against Air Traffic Privatization (AAATP) is comprised of several groups that represent millions of Americans. Founding members include Public Citizen, People Demanding Action, Daily Kos and the Courage Campaign. The coalition advocates on behalf of passengers and the middle class workers who keep them safe by pushing to retain Air Traffic Control operations under the FAA.