Privatizing air traffic controllers will fundamentally destablize air travel in the United States.


In White House Meeting Southwest CEO says ATC System “Not Currently in Our Control”; Urges President Trump to Support Privatization 


Washington, DC – Today, Americans Against Air Traffic Privatization Spokesperson Julia Alschuler called on President Trump and Congress to protect the safety and integrity of the nation’s Air Traffic Control system instead of handing over control to special interests:

“Today’s meeting between President Trump and airline executives pulled the curtain back on the true incentives behind privatizing our nation’s ATC system: corporate control at the exclusion of workers and taxpayers. While we can all agree that our ATC system must continue to be strengthened and modernized, handing over a public good to corporate interests is not the best pathway forward. Just today, a poll showed that only 26 percent of the American people would like to see the Air Traffic Control system privatized. That’s because the stakes are too high for millions of flyers and thousands of federal workers, and why a Republican-led Congress has rejected this proposal time and time again on the grounds of safety, access, feasibility, and overall concern for the American people.


“Today’s meeting makes clear that this would be an unprecedented giveaway to special interests in Washington. Privatization would take control of our skies out of the hands of the those meant to protect the American people and give the system over to the airline industry with no gain to the American taxpayer. In fact, the CBO found that the current proposal for privatization before Congress would increase spending by 20 billion dollars over 10 years, a cost that would ultimately be passed down. Instead of creating a costly private organization, it’s time for a long-term funding solution that strengthens our current systems and keeps it working for American travelers, taxpayers and workers.”