Privatizing air traffic controllers will fundamentally destablize air travel in the United States.


Americans Against Air Traffic Privatization (AAATP) is a coalition committed to ensuring that our air traffic control system remains safe and well-regulated, rather than turned over to a private company. Made up of a diverse group of stakeholders including consumer advocates, labor organizations and businesses AAATP advocates on behalf of air passengers and workers to oppose the privatization of the US air traffic control system. We know that privatizing our air traffic control system will needlessly disrupt one of the safest air traffic control systems in the world, eliminate middle class jobs, increase costs for passengers, close facilities in rural areas, and slow down the implementation of much-needed technology, like NextGen, that is already beginning to improve air travel in our country.

Together, we are sending a strong message to Congress that any FAA Reauthorization package that puts our Air Traffic Control system into the hands of an untested and unaccountable entity is not in the interest of America’s air passengers.