Privatizing air traffic controllers will fundamentally destablize air travel in the United States.


AAATP's was formed out of our common goal to protect travelers and workers from the negative consequences of privatizing the nation's air traffic control system.

At the heart ofAAATP's mission is the belief that the management of our nation’s air traffic should focus on safety and efficiency. Yet, the proposal to create a privatized ATO currently moving through Congress will set us back by removing the ATC from the FAA. Privatization will only serve to disrupt one of the safest and most efficient air travel systems in the world resulting in increased headaches and costs for passengers and layoffs for workers instead of swift implementation of programs like NextGen.

An air travel system that lacks oversight simply can’t be held accountable to ensure that it is properly serving America’s passengers. A privatized ATO will…

  • Jeopardize safety by disrupting one of the safest and largest ATC systems in the world
  • Eliminate middle class jobs
  • Increase costs for passengers
  • Reduce access in rural communities by eliminating facilities

Create inefficiencies that could slow implementation of new technologies that are already working to improve delays and congestion.